MCM101 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2018



With the help of advanced electronic media the world is moving towards
acculturation, which is directly affecting our culture and lifestyle.
Q. Analyze the content of private channel and PTV and discuss that what factors in our
daily broadcast is causing change in our lifestyle and culture. Give examples in support to
your answer.
Guidelines: (you may select any program of the channel like morning program, prime
time, Sunday especial etc.
Analyzing The Factors Of Daily Broadcast Which Are Changes Our Lifestyle And Culture
With the Content Of Private Channels and Ptv:-
Culture has a huge impact on social media adaptation and usage that is playing an important role
for numerous ethnic groups. The Punjabis, Saraikies, Sindhis, muhajir in east, Kashmiris,
pushtoons in west have their owns culture and lifestyle and the culture of these Pakistanis ethic
groups have been influenced by many of its neighbors like south Asian, Turkish, iranic, and the
people of central Asia or west Asia. In the past Muslims of subcontinents were need a separate
homeland due to changes in culture, lifestyle, thinking, and the most important factor which was
a different religion. There are differences amongst the ethnic groups in culture aspects such as
dress, food and religion especially where pre-Islamic customs differ from Islamic practices.
Role of ptv and some others private channels in our lifestyle and culture: -
Former PTV general manager Moneeza Hashmi said media reflected life pointing toward a
certain direction but the decision to follow it was always taken by the viewers. Exposure of
excesses committed against women by the PTV had brought about a positive change in the
minds of people regarding problems being faced by them but the private channels had not only
left them alone but was degrading them as well.
She said the television had not played for prevention of the increasing violence against women
because of its marketing-oriented policy. it was treating women as a commodity and marketing
them. the PTV management had also joined the race forgetting that it was a public broadcast
system and had to act as a defender of society values. the duty to safeguard the social and
cultural values now rested on civil society.
Rizwan Mumtaz of ATV said that the official electronic media required to formulate a proper
marketing strategy which can introduce our social values, culture and civilization. He also said
that PTV not say goodbye to religious and cultural values like the private channels but had failed
to compete with the channels despite being the parent organization in Pakistan because those
responsible for running it attended more to the elevation of their grades than grooming new
talent to succeed them.
TV play write Amjad Islam said the values of dominant civilizations always spread in the world
like the religion in the rulers the PTV had lost its status of family channel following the
launching of a numbers of private channels since 1990s. The private channels were promoting a
new culture as the multinational companies (MNCs) controlling 83% of TV publicity budget
wanted opening of society to facilitate marketing of their products.
He said certain things being promoted by the private channels for their commercial interests were
in conflict with social values. The PTV had been exposing social evils but the private channels
had started promoting glamour instead. The PTV was sticking to the social values despites its
weakness but the new channels had abandoned all values for the promotion of their commercial
Shuja’t Hashmi said that the media was giving a new culture to society by influencing it with its
glamour. The dresses and ornaments worn by artistes impress women more than the plot of
plays. A new code of ethics was necessary to prevent the media managers imitating foreign
channels from violating cultural values.
Rehan Azhar said television could serve as a powerful medium of education but most of the
private channels were not ready to meet their social obligation and civilization and operating for
sole purpose of minting money. The owners of these channels should learn a lesson from the
doom of film and theatre.
Rating comparison between channels which is affecting our culture and leaving double
standard points for publics
Today there are many media channels that are in the rating race. Here is a tough competition
between different media groups, every channel is want to beat other ones to get more attention or
to engage public and For this purpose sometimes the private channels trying to do something
new which is totally based on western culture that force the audience look towards the
civilizations of another groups which is spoiling our lifestyles and traditions.
Impact of Media channels in our Lives today and tomorrow
Our society where criticism of society on media is also beneficial by its efforts, here media is a
lot of impact on our lives. Today if we see a few years ago media was not so popular, only one
media channel PTV used to be in the mornings newsletter. And it was the only channel that was
played broadcast serials twice a week on the television channel. I don’t have any contradictions
to saying that media want to show what they want e.g. of course if today anywhere in Pakistan
anything, anyhow is presented in the media, they show. this news is propagated by the social
media outreach throughout the world, whether the news is not so important or if the papers rules
are corrupt which is inappropriate and count nonserious. there is a rare news on a channel, media
put it a “ten” signals for their favorite lace masala by Pakistani extremist scholars and offer to the
public. Modern style channels have reduced the value of ptv while presenting the news of hot
and hot ammunition on a channel, morning shows is seen on their channel, along with kacheri speaking languages hosts, and for watch this woman are doing their time pass and youth are
wasting their social values and time.
Cultural Shock: -
This is very common phenomenon of communication all over the world. It occurs when family
from one culture to move another culture where normal life values are radically diverse. The
family going to west will have to face cultural shocks- which is complete breakdown of
communication, as long as they live there without conceding to the concept of acculturation.
World moving toward acculturation: -
With the advancement in electronic media, internet chatting and enhanced movement of people
due to increased travelling facilities, the level of understanding each other culture is going up and
so is the communication. Its appears communication from the last many centuries would be
reduced as people see more of each other living style on the high numbers of TV channels now
available in most parts of words.
Media is setting a goal of tough power points and making people curious about others culture
with a dressing manners.
Future Cultural Habits:-
The Agency identifies five trends that may conceivably affect the cultural habits of young and
older people in various ways. The trends are:
A society of images, where the ability of interpret image will be a necessary skill.
An increasingly heterogeneous society, where e.g. urbanization and growing income gaps
provide different conditions for cultural habits.
A more participant controlled culture, which makes it easier to citizens to themselves
creates, be involved in and shape culture.
Large amount of data on peoples cultural habits being used to adapt culture to demand.
The culture offering online increasingly being adapted to the individual, posing a risk of
people getting caught in so-called filter bubbles.
Future Direction For Analysis:-
These are some of the most basic patterns in how the social media landscape change from
culture to culture. Most people are encultured they receive their cultural values from their parents
including language, religion, dressing up, eating and living habits etc. The impact of
enculturation is very strong we can carry our cultures wherever we go and this culture is transfer
from generation to generation.

Thank u bro for the assignment solution.
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