MCM301 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2018

MCM301 Assignment 01
Spring 2018

Assignment Question:

Given below are three situations. Your task is to thoroughly go through all situations

and identify the type of barrier causing communication lapse in each situation. You are

required to submit your answer in the table given below.

You will first identify the barrier and would mention its name in 2nd column and in third

column you will give a brief explanation of how your selected barrier type is hindering in the communication process in each of the three situations.


An Australian couple goes to an Electronics store in Pakistan. The man asks from a staff

member if they had a place where we kept our navis. “Navi?” Though the staff member was

able to speak English fluently still he had no idea what he was asking about. The man further

described that he is just trying to get somewhere to do business and needed directions, so he

might just have to stop and print some out. It suddenly clicked sales man. Navi means

Navigation. He wanted to get somewhere with a navi. This man wanted a GPS. Sales man

took him to the section with the GPS devices. The man told that in Australia “navi” is a

common abbreviation for navigation devices.


A guest speaker lecture is arranged by a local school on the importance of showing good

behavior towards non-Muslims. On his arrival, speaker warmly meets and shakes hand with

all students but maintains a distance with the only Christian student of the class. Throughout

the lecture he talks about how much emphasis Islam gives on being equally nice to non Muslims. All the students were found listening the lecture attentively except that Christian

student. Identify the communication barrier in given situation.


A village farmer hires a lawyer for setting his land dispute. After first hearing, the lawyer tells

him that the case has been adjourned as per our request. The farmer is unable to understand what his lawyer is saying?  


SITUATION 1: Language Differences
SITUATION 2: Prejudice
SITUATION 3: Language Differences or Badly Expressed Message

For the brief reasoning in the third column, try to write in your own words.

see the attached ms word document

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Syed Muhammad Taha

(05-19-2018, 02:28 AM)Syed Muhammad Taha Wrote:  see the attached ms word document

Great. Thank you for sharing the full solution.

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