MCM301 Assignment Solution

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Draft a letter for the permanent customers of a kids clothing brand to inform and invite them on the opening of a new outlet and special discounts for shopping at opening day 
Dear recipient!
we appreciate your cooperation in the marketing of our outlets and products. We shall forever be grateful for your contribution in the growth of our business we delighted to announce that we decided upon expanding our outlets in the southern regions of the city on main circular road x,y,z opposite x,y,z on 1st February 2019 at 8:00 pm . it will convinces you to shop from near one easily 
We request your cooperation in spreading the words of the opening of our new outlet. You can let your friends and acquaintances residing in these regions know about the new outlets so uou can enjoy your shopping of kids cloth 30% flat on the first day of opening 
For more detail contact us 

Question 2:
Breafly explain compleateness as a necessary elements of effective written communication analyse your own letter on the parameters of compleateness
For completeness of effective written communication following are the main three components
1) Provide all necessary information. ( in this letter we have provided all the necessary date like location date time ) 
2)Answer all questions asked. (here we tell our customers that you are invited and for more detail u can contact us on phone ) 
3) Give something extra, when desirable.( here we have encouraged our customers by telling that we will give 30% off on opening day )

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