MCM301 GDB Solution Spring 2018

MCM301 Communication Skills

GDB Solution 
Spring 2018


“People judge you by your behavior and not by your intent.” Elaborate the statement with reference to importance of good verbal and nonverbal communication skills for establishing positive image of an individual in official or personal gatherings.


Verbal and Nonverbal communication skills are essential to establishing your identity in the society. 
They way you communicate and what you communicate is the basis people around you see by and the impression you have on them, people cannot tell what you're thinking or what is on your mind, they can only know what you're doing & saying and how you're doing or saying it. 

So the statement is correct and the importance of communication skills are critical in establishing a positive image. 

Note: Please do not copy/paste, or we all will get zero grade. Write the answer in your own words. 

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