Me Need CS610 GDB

kindly help me.

Hello Adi, post the GDB topic so we can try to help you out.

(08-16-2018, 03:01 PM)Pakistani Wrote:  Hello Adi, post the GDB topic so we can try to help you out.

Consider the wireless communication network between an aeroplane and Controller station on an airport. To smoothly run the flight operations, critical information and instructions are exchanged between the pilot and the air traffic controller through the wireless communication network.
Keeping in view this scenario, give your opinion which of the following parameters are more significant and why?  
  1. Line-of-sight

  2. Cost

  3. High speed

  4. Security
Give your opinion with solid reasons in maximum five lines.

Considering our scenario, High Speed and Security are of utmost importance and the most significant parameters. This is because as the communication is between pilot and air controller, and the airplane carrying human lives, cost should not be a parameter to consider here and high speed is critical. Similarly security of the network is important for secure communication without vulnerability.

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