Overseas Examination: Virtual University: Requirements and Procedure

[font=Arial, sans-serif]Overseas Examinations of Virtual University of Pakistan are conducted online using specialized exam software. All overseas students of VU are required to download the exam application from the following link: http://qb.vu.edu.pk. A step by step guide for installation of exam software is also provided there. After the installation, it is advised that Demo Test (Available approx. 10-12 days before the start of every exams) must be tried at least once to verify the connectivity and working of exam software at students end. For smooth and problem free examination, it must also be tried in letter and spirit of the actual examination.[/font]
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[font=Arial, sans-serif]Please carefully read the Pre-requisites, Rules and Instructions of the Examination Procedure.[/font]
[font=Arial, sans-serif]                                   [/font]
[font=Arial, sans-serif]A)[font=Times New Roman]   [/font]PRE-REQUISITES: [/font]
  1. stable internet connection.

  2. windows (Windows XP and above) workstation i.e. Laptop/Desktop.

  3. An external Webcam installed, through which you shall be monitored.

  4. Team Viewer must be installed on your workstation by downloading from the link: http://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/index.aspx Install the TeamViewer software for Personal/Non Commercial use. You have to provide the TeamViewer ID and password to your concerned Invigilator before the start of each paper by running the software.(If you did not receive any message from the invigilator then Immediately call on given phone numbers and/or Skype addresses.)
[font=Arial, sans-serif]B)[font=Times New Roman]   [/font]RULES:[/font]
  1. Paper will be conducted according to Pakistan Standard Time (PST).

  2. An unmonitored paper shall NOT be accepted.

  3. You MUST remain online and your face shall remain visible along with the surroundings throughout your Paper duration.

  4. Blocked paper will not be rescheduled.

  5. Paper once missed will only be rescheduled as per prescribed rescheduling rules.

  6. For attendance, student must report to their Invigilator 15 minutes before the start of each paper.

  7. Use of Laptop webcam shall NOT be allowed.

  8. Use of ear phone is not permitted at any time during the examination.

  9. In case of plagiarism report during evaluation/marking, entire paper will be marked ZERO (0).

  10. Appearing as a Local student status from abroad will be considered as UMC (Unfair Mean Case).

  11. Appearing from Pakistan will be considered as unfair mean and paper will be blocked. An overseas student during his/her visit to Pakistan shall inform to overseasexams@vu.edu.pk at least a week before and also required to change his/her student status (overseas to local). In this respect, he/she shall appear in the examination ONLY at a VU designated exam center within Pakistan, on the date and time given by VU Department of Examinations.

  12. If a candidate's paper is lost/corrupted/leaked, then after getting due permission from the worthy Rector, it may be considered as null and void and the affected student has to re-appear in that paper which is lost/corrupted/leaked on a date fixed by the Controller of Examinations.
[font=Arial, sans-serif]C)[font=Times New Roman]   [/font]INSTRUCTIONS:[/font]
  1. You MUST obtain your �Exam Entrance Slip� by visiting the following link through your VULMS Student ID and Password: http://datesheet.vu.edu.pk/

  2. Disable antivirus and windows firewall before the start of your paper.

  3. No proxy software should be installed on the machine (like ultra-surf, hotspot shield etc.). This may create problems during paper.

  4. Disable Internet Explorer Proxy settings. You can disable it from Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings and uncheck proxy server settings.

  5. Your default language MUST be English (United States). You can set it from Control Panel -> Region and Language -> Format

  6. Do not configure external webcam other than exam application (like MSN, Yahoo, Skype etc.); otherwise exam application will not detect the external webcam.

  7. Your invigilator will certainly block your paper if you go offline at any time during your paper.

  8. Your work area MUST be visible (as shown in the following snapshots) and no paper/document of any kind should be visible.

  9. Your webcam MUST remain operative throughout your paper(s) during the Examination and maintain your camera position as shown in the following snapshots.

  10. In case of any problem faced during paper IMMEDIATELY report to your invigilator in Exam software chat or call at +923200460004+923200460007,+9242111880880[font=Times New Roman], ext: 352 and/or Skype addresses (Skype addresses are overseasexams and overseasexams02[/font].

  11. You MUST keep checking your VU email and VULMS Notice Board on daily basis.
[font=Arial, sans-serif]D)[font=Times New Roman]   [/font]BLOCKING REASONS:[/font]
  1. If you use Laptop Web cam

  2. If your view does not according to the prescribed view (Improper view)

  3. If you go offline during paper

  4. If a student during the exam found in any type of cheating

  5. Appearing from Pakistan

  6. If your Web cam not visible during the paper
[font=Times New Roman][font=Arial, sans-serif]Standard Webcam Position of a student During Exam:[/font][/font]

[Image: webcampos.jpg]
PS. This guide has been originally posted at VU student handbook.

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