PHY101 Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2017

Assignment NO. 3 Solution
Semester: Fall 2017

Question 1
A video game console operates potential difference of 12.00 V as shown in fig. The potential difference supplied by the power receptacle is 120 V AC. A transformer is used to convert one voltage to the other. If the secondary coil of the transformer (the 12.00 V side) has 1200 loops, how many loops does the primary coil have?

Question 2
a.[font=Times New Roman]      [/font]Is it true or wrong to say that components in series must have the same potential difference across them? Either yes or no explain it.
b.[font=Times New Roman]      [/font]Is it true or wrong to say that magnetic force vectors on charged particles point in the same direction as the magnetic field? Either yes or no explain it.                                 
c.[font=Times New Roman]    [/font]What is the electric potential at the location of the test charge in the figure shown below?     

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