PHY301 Assignment Fall 2018

Assignment 1 (Fall 2018)


Q: 1:
Find the total resistance between the positive and negative terminal of the battery also calculate current of the equivalent circuit. Draw and label the circuit diagram of each step, otherwise you will lose your marks. Write each step of calculation to get maximum marks.
R1 and R2 were in series adding them
Result in 5k ohm
R1 and R2 were in parallel adding them result in 1.42k ohm
R6 and R7 were in parallel adding them  result in 2k ohm
R5 and (R6+R7) and R8 were in series adding them result in 12k ohm
(R1+R2+R3) were in parallel with R4 adding them result in 0.83k ohm
Group 1(R1+R2+R3+R4)AND GROUP 2(R5+R6+R7+R8) were in parallel adding them
Result in total resistance of 0.77k Ohm
R=0.77k ohm
Q: 2:         
Consider the circuit arrangement shown in fig. below.
R2and R3 were in parallel adding them result in 9ohm
R2+ R3 were in series with R1 adding them result in 12ohm
Q: 3:
Given below is a simple circuit containing battery, bulbs and two switches.
Describe the current flow in the circuit and bulb (glow or not) for each given condition
  1. When switch 1is ON and switch 2 is OFF.
  2. When both switches are ON.
  3. When switch 1 is ON and switch 2 is directly connected without bulb (short)
1.     Bulb 1 and blub 3 will glow blub 2 will not glow because the circuit will open in blub 2
2.     All the bulb will glow
3.     All the bulb will glow

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