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PTI vs Noon League

It is generally perceived that most students support PTI and Noon League is not so popular among the young generation of our country. But Noon League supporters claim that it is only at the platforms of Social Media and not so much in reality.
Well why don't we do a survey of PTI vs Noon League right here for our Virtual University students. As VU has students of all ages and from all backgrounds, it will be quite fun too who the majority of VU students like/support at the moment.
Vote the party you are supporting in the Poll above and comment why do you support them over the other.

I'd vote for PTI, though I know they are not perfect, they have their issues too but yet I think they are better than Noon League because of two prominent reasons, 1. Education, as you'll see they are more educated plus their supporters will be more educated people and 2. They are up for a change, and so are we. We've seen what they have done with KPK, it has improved. The education level has gone up and the corruption level has significantly gone down.
Improving our education and controlling the corruption via check and balance are the two needs of our nation right now. And PTI stand for both of these agendas.
So hopefully even if they remain in the opposition, they'll keep pushing and we as a country will definitely benefit.
All good for Pakistan, InshaAllah!

I vote PTI also.

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