Please give your suggestion
Asalam_o_Alaikum !
I am student of MCS . I have a problem .I could not get good marks in MID term .Please give me suggestions what should i do .?
Please give me your suggestions how to get good marks and score well . Can i revise the subjects in second semester  If  i also failed in some subjects or could not get good score in final .
I am waiting for your valueable suggestions 
Thanks for reading my post 
Hello Rafiq,

It is okay if you have not scored good marks in the midterms, you can always catch up with good final term exams. What I would suggest is just prepare harder in final term exams and I'm sure you'll be surprised by how good your final CGPA is.
Due to the relative grading scheme, even if we get average marks in midterms, and have decent final term exams and good quiz, assignment and gdb marks, we usually end up with a good CGPA.
So, be hopeful for that.

And yes, if unfortunately for some subject you do end up failing, you can repeat that subject again in the next semester to improve and pass with high grades.

Good luck!

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