So simple but effective Forex rules

So simple but effective Forex rules:
1. Find the basic justification for the reasons for price movements, only then apply technical analysis.
2. Learn to feel the market.
3. Don’t walk towards the market. Height - buy falls - sell.عروض خبراء الفوركس
Do not quarrel, use your power for your own purposes.
4. Without panic, they learn to stay calm in any situation. The more awareness, the greater the likelihood of important facts, the intelligent decision.
5. If you see a reversal of the trend signals, do not delay - get out of position. ما هو الفوركس ؟
A market breakthrough often speaks of a new strong movement.
6. If the market goes its own way, look for opportunities to increase volume - you are in trend. Conversely, when moving towards you lower expectations. Sometimes it is better to lose a little than to lose an entire deposit.

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