Sport culture in Hong Kong

I am come from Hong Kong.
Here as most of the days people are working in office, so they usually like go to some country sides Togo hiking or running in sport fields. Some boys like to do gym to make them look strong and girls play yoga or soft sport to keep them look fit but beautiful!

In fact, here in Hong Kong, compared to other areas, not much people like play basketball and football etc coz it is a bit danger so they rather like games much safer.

How about your areas?

Quite interesting way of thinking about sports you mentioned there mate, although I have seen some Cricket games of Hong Kong, but most of the players in those matches were outsiders living in HK, mostly Indians and Pakistanis.
In our part of the world though, sports are major events and kids from very early ages are attracted to various sports as many of national heroes are sportsman. Cricket is the biggest and most popular game in the country, though Football and Hockey are played all over the country.

Wow, in my are though, football is the major sport played. Then basketball and handball. Going to gym and all those yoga stuffs are done in order to stay fit and have a good looking body and it is very expensive coupled with the fact that most people are busy looking for what to eat or feed their families.

In my opinion, sports thrives with economic prosperity. That is if a countries economy is doing well and people have jobs and the basic amenities to sustain live upto the point of having extra cash to save, then the urge for leisure and all those extra-curricullar activities sets in.

I am actually in Brazil and as everyone might have guessed our main sport here is soccer. Is a national passion. Crowds gather to the stadiums during the weekends and those whose don't usually watch it from home. MMA takes second place. Over the last five years it's been a growing trend here, with TVs channels transmitting the fights and many Brazilian fighters becoming famous. I have even seen MMA action figures being sold in Stores! We have of course minor sports that people enjoy like volleyball and basketball but none quite as popular as those two.

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