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Is BS Mathematics study easy at virtual Uni? How can we solve lengthy equations of paper on computer? How much study will be good enough to get good grades? Will only slide study could pass the paper? Tip for study?
Well I'm a CS graduate but I have studied 6-7 Math subjects, and you're right it is kind of difficult to write the lengthy Math equations on a computer, VU used this software called Math Type Link: to write Math equations during Assignments and Exams, maybe it will be a good idea to try practicing this so that you get a flow using this.

And to answer your question regarding grades, it is quite easy to get good grades in VU. You just have to do a little bit of study and be smart about it, and you'll get a good CGPA. But its best to learn the concepts, I think that really helps. Even though I don't like Math much, I got A grades in all my Math subjects.
is here same question?

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