Tips For Making Exams Datesheet

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Virtual University students have to make datesheet  for their mid-term and final term exams every semester. Normally they are given a window of 12-13 days within which they are to make the exams datesheet of their semester subjects. Usually students have 6 subjects every semester, but in some cases, some students have 5, and some can have up to 7 subjects per semester. 

As the students have to select the dates and timings as soon as possible due to limited seats being offered on first come first serve basis, students sometimes in a hurry, don't make the best possible datesheet, which actually effects their exams and CGPA. So I've compiled the following list of tips for making the best exams datesheet for you which will help you in maintaining better time space for your particular subjects. Remebering these tips will ease a lot of pressure when making your exam datesheets, and also will bring better results for you in terms of exam results. 

  1. First and foremost, always use the full window of available days. If window is from 12th to 24th of the month, make sure that you're first exam is on 12 and the last is on 24th. Do not lose any days by selecting 13 as your first exam date or 23 or before as your last date. Time off between every exam is very important for preparation, so you want to make sure that you do not lose any time and use all the time that is available to you. 
  2. Always select your toughest subject as your first exam. There are two main benefits for this, one; you'll have more days to prepare your toughest subject and two; you'll feel a lot easy for the remaining exams. 
  3. If this is your first semester, then ignore tip number 2 and select the most easy subject for you as the first exam. Because you'd need to learn how the exam process work and feel comfortable for the exams, so for the new comers and in their first exam i.e. mid-term of first semester, you should select the easier subject as first exam. 
  4. Now, for the most subjects, only one day off between two exams is enough, but if you feel you need more than one day to prepare a certain subject, you can have two days off between two exams. 
  5. If you think you'd need 3 days to prepare a certain subject, then you can select 3 off days for it, but you'll have to select two back to back exams then without an off day between them. 
  6. For the back to back exams, the tip is selecting the maximum time between the two, so for example you have an exam on Friday at 8:00 AM, and you need to have another one on Saturday, then pick the time as 2:30 PM or 5:00 PM for this one to have more time to prepare this subject. 
So these are my 6 tips for making the best exam datesheet for VU students. Let me know what you think, and if you have more tips to add, please comment below and share with everyone.

Useful tips for making the exams datesheet for virtual university students, I will try to remember these. Thank you Rana

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