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Virtual University of Pakistan being a distance learning platform for Pakistani students within the country and living abroad has definitely become the first choice for working class of students whether in Pakistan or outside. Being able to study and fulfill your degree dreams while you work on your job or business, is becoming popular every second throughout the world. And in Pakistan, VU has been the hallmark of that. 

Although VU provides video lectures and handouts for students to study, when it comes to preparing assignments, doing graded activities or comprehending the core concepts, those are not enough and hence students have to do a lot of googling and look for help and answers that cannot be found straight from the VU provided material. So I have come up with the following list useful websites and tools for vu students, that will help the students in making assignments, creating projects, learning concepts and preparing them for not only exams and vivas, but also for future after the degree. 

So bookmark these websites(Or just this post) if you have not already, and I'm sure you'll be feeling a lot at ease. 

    This website is a must for every computer science student, whether you have to make a simple web page with HTML and add JavaScript form validation for your CS101 assignment, or you are preparing for your final project for VU, W3Schools is the place to learn and practice all the code syntax you're going to need. 

    This is another website to learn coding, this has support for most popular programming languages like Java and Python too. So if you want to learn a new programming language, after C and C++ you learnt from CS201 and CS304, this is the website for you. The interactive learning interface makes it very easy for you to practice. 

    This is the best tool for all Mathematics students of VU. MTH101, MTH301 or MTH501, chances are you're going to get assignments and GDBs to solve big Integrations, Derivatives or Algebraic expressions, and if you're not understanding how all the steps are being done in handouts or video lectures, this tool is going help you a lot. It solves almost all such problems, all you have to do is provide the question, it solves and explains all the steps for you. I certainly have used this one a lot when doing my MTH assignments and GDBs.

    When studying at VU, you probably have to make a lot of drawings. Whether its SRS, ERD, DFD, UML, entity relation, User Case diagrams or any other you may have to do for your particular vu subject, is the best tool to draw such diagrams for free online. I use it for all my such assignments, easy to use options to save and later edit those again at, are great time savers. (And now its time to stop doing those in "Windows Paint").

    This one is another easy to use but a handy site that will solve almost all your CS302 problems, it is a logic simplification tool, so it helps you transform your truth table to simple logic expressions, it generates Karnaugh maps, can also solve with Quine-McCluckey and also prints the simplified SOP or POS Circuit Diagrams. 

6. VU Help Forum 
    You probably have heard about this one before (right?) Yes, this one simply helps you in whatever VU problem you might be facing, whether its VU related directly, or any subject relating where you might be facing a problem doing your assignment or GDB or project or even simply not understanding some specific topic, ForumVU is created to help for this purpose only. So post your problem, and you'll be helped by other students and VU staff. 

    This one is a network of many sites where you can ask technical and subject related questions and you will be answered by experts, but using it is not so easy, as millions to questions are being asked every day, so they ask you to first check whether your question has been answered already(in most cases it has). So do use their search to first find your answer and if you cannot, feel free to ask but do provide detailed question and explain your problem well. But unlike ForumVU, they do not answer your direct graded activity questions. 

    The Quiz Portal will be your place to be for preparation of vu quizzes and exams. Its a new platform and the data for many university subjects is being added. It has lecture wise MCQ quizzes for you to practice and get a grip of important concepts from your vu subjects. This is (will be) surely a Gateway to MCQ Success. 

Note: This list will keep updating when more useful links for VU students are discovered, so keep visiting. And If I have missed a useful website that you visit for help, please mention them below in the comments. 

Thanks for these good links... Appreciated... Smile

(10-10-2017, 11:33 AM)Farrukh Wrote:  Thanks for these good links... Appreciated... Smile

You're welcome. Glad to be helpful.

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