VU Project FAQs

VU Project (CS619) FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

- Is it necessary to form a group of two members in the project?
No, it is not necessary, as any student can choose to do the project alone. In this case the student should not accept any group request on VULMS, and send no request to any other student.

- Is a student allowed to form group with any other VU student?
Grouping is on students'' end, a student can form a group with any BSCS/BSIT/BSSE/MCS/MIT student who is registered in same project.

- What is Group ID or Project ID?
The terms ''Group ID'' and ''Project ID'' are same. It is a unique identifier for the students in the project. In case there are two members in a group, they will be assigned a single group id.If a student has chosen to do the project alone (i.e. without a group member), the student will still be assigned a unique id.

- What if my custom project proposal gets rejected?
Project Committee evaluates each project proposal. For students whose project proposals are rejected, are required to select a project from default projects.

- Can I do internship/research instead of software project?
No, internship or research based project is not offered to students in CS619 course. So you must complete a software application project.

- What is Project Reference Letter (PRL) or Internship Reference Letter (IRL) option on VULMS?
PRL or IRL is related to Management and Business study programs (MBA/BBA etc). So you should ignore this option on VULMS.

- What is maximum limit for each project?
Around 30 Students will be allowed in a particular project, this limit will not be displayed any where on VULMS or announcements page. So make sure you choose the project properly and well ahead of last date. When maximum limit will be reached for a particular project, then that project will be closed for registration and its selection date will be set to some earlier date and it can happen before the last date (which will be mentioned for the project selection). All requests received after the maximum limit will be rejected, after which the students can select another project within the last date of project selection (last date will be published on this page).

- Can I do more than one projects?
No, a student is only allowed to work on a single project.

- Are there any video lectures, GDBs, Handouts, Quizzes for CS619 course?
There are no video lectures, GDBs, handouts or quizzes for this course. If any of this is applied/started, it will be published on this announcements page. Important information regarding project will be available from announcements page or CS619 course section on VULMS.

- Project assignment’s due dates notification will be available in My TO DOs list or not?
No, Project assignment’s due dates will not be notified in My TO DOs list. Student should click on CS619 assignments tab to check assignments schedule.

- Learning and Test Phases for Coding/Programming?
Information about learning and test phases for coding/programming will be published in CS619 announcements.

- What are total marks/CGPA in CS619 course?
Project course CS619 contains a total of 4.0 CGPA (total marks=100) so you will be graded accordingly on successful completion of course.

- What if I miss any project deliverable (also called project assignment) submission on VULMS?
In final project you must upload your project deliverable within due date on VULMS. If you are facing any problem in uploading, you must
send it to your project supervisor via Email. If your file is large (more than 15 MBs) then you can upload it on Google Drive or
and then send its sharing link to your project supervisor via Email. No submission after due date will be accepted.
It is important to note that if a student does not submit within due date, 0 marks will be awarded in that particular project deliverable.
So make sure to submit within due date.

- Is there any extended day in project deliverable/assignment?
There is no extended day in CS619 project deliverable/assignment. So you should not assume the practice of 24 hours extended time
like other courses. Students in CS619 are therefore recommended to submit within due date.

- What are main sources of information in project?
Email and Announcements are main sources of project related information. So you shall use these resources regularly. Any student who will ignore it will be responsible for any issues in the project.

- Where should I contact in case of any query/information?
If it is related to a specific project, then contact at appropriate email id.
Email ids for all project supervisors will be provided on this announcements page. However if it is not related to any specific project, you can contact at
Once you are assigned a project, and project supervisor, you shall then contact respective project supervisor only, for all of your project related matters.

- Will VU provide any funds for my project?
If a project needs some expenses/purchase of equipment, then the student in that project will be responsible to arrange it on his own. VU will not provide any funds.

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