Virtual University Students Chat Room

Assalam o Alaikum Members! 

First of all, thank you all for joining ForumVU. I welcome you on this platform that has the sole purpose of helping out one another. 

And in this motto of helping out one another, I always try my best from my end. And hence, I present to  you, your own Virtual University Students Chat Room

Yes, I've added the most requested feature that many of you have been messaging me about. 
Now you can chat with all your fellow Virtual University Help Forum members. 
You can enter the Chat Room from the Top Menu bar by clicking on the CHAT ROOM link. You need to be a member of to use the chat room. 

ForumVU Chat Room has the features to chat openly with everyone else, and you can also chat Privately with other online members.

There are also options to Style your Chat Room according to your liking. And some of our favorite Emoticons are also present (No chat without Emojis right?).

I hope you like this new feature. Do give me your valuable feedback about it, also report here if you find any bug or error while using the Chat Room. 


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