Poll: What do You want to Win?
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Cash Prize
11 68.75%
A Custom Website For You
1 6.25%
3-5 Top Level Domains
0 0%
Domain + Hosting For 1 Year
3 18.75%
Premium Course Of Your Choice From Udemy
1 6.25%
Total 16 vote(s) 100%
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Hello and Welcome! 
I'm pleased to announce that we will be conducting Contests for Virtual University Students right here at ForumVU. The starting date of our first contest will be announced soon, so stay tuned for that. 

As for the Prizes that will be awarded to winners of the first contest, I've decided to let YOU, the members of ForumVU select the prizes you want to win.
A poll with a few possible options have been attached, so vote for the prize you want to win or if your desired prize is not listed in the poll, you can also write a comment below with the prize you are interested in and would like to win. If enough of you write the same thing, it will be added to the Poll so you can vote for it.

The final decision on the prizes for winners of the contest will be made by VU team in accordance with the poll results. So if you want your desired prize to be included in the prizes for the winners, invite your friends to get the maximum votes. 
Note: Vote will only count if you are logged in. So Join before you vote, votes by guests(people who are not registered or are not signed in) do not count. You can register or log in with a single click using Join With Facebook button at the top. 

Poll Option's Description:
Cash Prize: Will be awarded via EasyPaisa or another similar service.
A Custom Website: We will create a custom website for you, it shall not be your final VU project. Will be a WordPress website, with premium design and custom graphics. No domain or Hosting will be provided with the website.
3-5 Top Level Domains: 3-5 .com or .net available domains of your choice.
Domain + Hosting for 1 year: Domain of your choice with 1 year of hosting as well.
Premium Course of Your Choice From Udemy: Udemy is a great platform to learn and master the skills you want, we will provide a premium course of your choice.
I think "cash prize" (paid via PayPal) would be an amazing idea!  Cool
Cash Prize chahiay sub ko hehehehe
(06-22-2017, 10:24 AM)WildSpirit Wrote: I think "cash prize" (paid via PayPal) would be an amazing idea!  Cool

(06-22-2017, 11:44 AM)Rubaisha(Moody Girl) Wrote: Cash Prize chahiay sub ko hehehehe

Sure. If it tops the polls, it will be one of the awards for winners. InshaAllah!
Udemy course will be useful.
(06-24-2017, 10:51 AM)Pakistani Wrote: Udemy course will be useful.

I think its the most useful item in the list. But lets see how many students think likewise.

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