Webmaster Tools You Need to Know

As a webmaster, managing a site requires knowledge about several important tools. These webmaster tools help you in managing your site as well as improving it and also for fixing possible issues with that can be hinderous to your site's performance on the internet. 

Whether it is for the purpose of improving your search ranking positions, or learning about your audience, the following webmaster tools can help you in your daily routine of managing a website. 

5 Most Important Tools for Webmasters
  • Google Analytics
Google's GA tool measures your site's traffic engagements, your advertising ROI, and a lot about your visitors. 
  • Search Console
Another tool by Google, formerly known as Webmaster Tools and now is Search Console, help you viewing the logs about your site's performance in Google Search Engine. 
This is very important for SEOs and webmasters. 
  • MOZ
This is an important tool to find out who is linking back to you. Moz Link Explorer has free and premium versions and it lets you discover all the backlinks to your website, their anchor text as well as their domain and page authority. 
  • Screaming Frog
Screaming Frog is a desktop tool that crawls your website and lets you find out the errors that can cause damage to your SEO. This is the first tool you'll use when you'll do an SEO Audit for your website. 
  • Google Ads/Keyword Planner
Another important tool to discover possible content opportunities for your website. Even though the platform is used for Search Engine Marketing on Google, its keyword planner tool is an excellent webmaster tool to find keywords, their volume, competition on locations you want to target to audience you want to target. 

So, although it is not a comprehensive list by any means, these tools for webmaster are essential to learn and use for best optimization of their website. 

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