What are you planning to be after graduating college?
I guess it's about time we thought about what we actually want to do after graduating. I have a lot of friends that despite knowing they're about to graduate, they don't have any clue what to do next. I'm not like them however, I always keep ahead because I don't want to waste time, so I pretty much got most of my stuffs planned out.

I'd probably get a cisco certification exam right after I graduate, and then I'm going to start looking for a job in the networking industry as soon as I can (possibly a week after graduation, maybe less). Then after around 1-2 years I'm planning to move to another country and continue my work there (I'm thinking maybe Japan). 

How about you guys? What are you planning to be after the big day?
Opening my own business is on my radar for a long time and lately I have increased my researches and readings on that decision. It's an idea that I am maturing more quickly and in which I am depositing a lot of will and confidence.  Cool

If it's not possible at the moment (because the amount of planning is really huge), I intend to dedicate myself to working in a large company.
Contrary to the degree course I have chosen, I am actually planning on taking a different course altogether. By the time I realized this degree is not meant for me, I almost finished college. I'm currently taking a break while doing freelance work. I will be joining a VFX course after my graduation which is a one year course and also do some freelancing alongside. Hopefully get a good job since the scope of vfx is pretty good and within the next two or three years I would leave this country and travel to as many places as I can. I always wanted to go to Japan or South Korea so I might give that a shot first.
I am planing to be on my own after graduating from college, but the problem is that, money to start up the business, for a long time now i have been on researches and readings on that decision.

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