What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I usually listen to music and read comic books. What about you?

In my spare time I sit to meditate, or listen to music and play games, or watch Youtube videos for a while, or watch one episode of any tv series I'm following. Sometimes, when I don't feel like doing anything, I just sit and think by myself, like pausing for a while giving myself a break and reflecting upon things which helps me clear my head.

I usually play some games on my mobile phone or PC. Occasionally I watch some movie or TV show if I'm in a mood for that.

I would stream some of my favorite TV shows, or maybe go outside and play some Cricket with friends. But I rarely get any free time now a days.

I try to work a bit online for extra cash. Usually just things I could do in my own time, jobs that I could do immediately without any interviews or whatsoever (usually they have a test where you need tk qualify for however). I usually earn about 5 dollars every three nights (3 hours of work each night), and I know that's terribly low, but since I live outside the US and that is pretty decent enough price for me, I do it anyways. If I had a better alternative, I'd switch immediately though lol.

@arachnophobik Can you share some of the sites you earn on? Some of us could use them Big Grin

In my spare time I like to go outside, take a walk, ride a bike or skate.
I usually don't like to be in a closed space, and when it comes to learning I have to, because I know if I want to learn somewhere else I could get easily distracted. If the weather is bad, then I read books, listen to music or watch series, just like all of you. That is the easiest way to relax brain and get ready for some more studying.

I like to play drums and guitar. Also, I enjoy jogging, mountain hiking (I live in the mountains.) and bodybuilding. Finally, a nice trip to an upscale restaurant or even a fast food one is enjoyable. Anyway, despite my love for hobbies, I often find I don't have enough time for some of them.

I swim whenever I have free time. I'm a casual, though, it helps me keep in shape and relaxes my thoughts from daily stress even if I have no real sporty aspirations, haha.

However, baking is my number one hobby; I love to prepare a delicious and cute-looking sweet whenever I feel like having some "me" time. Surprisingly I like making them much more than eating them!

I've also been using Memrise in order to learn french, so whenever I have some free time I review my lessons and try to speak out loud every new word I learn. Slowly but surely, guys. Soon I'll understand it.

In my spare time I usually listen to music and work a bit online for extra cash, In my spare time I sit to play games, or watch Youtube videos for a while, or watch one episode of any tv series. Sometimes, when I don't feel like doing anything, i will give my self at least 4 hours to sleep without thinking anything.

Usually, in my spare time, I'm playing games, watching a movie or drinking with my buddies. I don't consider exercising as free time because I do my best to get at least some exercise in my day every day. Also, the weekends belong to my GF. We usually go to the movies or go out to eat something nice.

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