What is the importance of English?

What is the importance of English?

(07-20-2017, 04:51 PM)katejuddy Wrote:  What is the importance of English?

English being the global language is very important now. Although learning in your native language is more comprehensible, but as an international language, English has the most support. More and more literature, articles and publications are being written in English every day, so for students of advance programs and degrees, they must be able to communicate in English.
Also in the business sector, people who target global audience, international firms, they also have to use English as a standard, as it is being used the most around the world.
Also, with the emergence of Internet and this global village, people like to share online, research online, reach to followers online, and I don't think it can be done without the use of English as a standard language, at least not as successfully as it is the case with English.
So, English is very important to learn, for students as well as people from other sectors who have to communicate with other nationals.

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