What is your favorite brand of computers?
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Everyone has at least one favotire brand, right?!  Smile

I honestly can't decide between Apple and Dell. I have been a user of both brands for many years (personal laptop: Apple / employment laptop: Dell) and I have no major complaints about them, because besides the great products, they always offer a great service whenever requested.

What would be your choice?  Cool

I've always been the one to go for ASUS. I love their devices as a set since I only buy in package, they're durable and long lasting, I've had my ASUS laptop for years now and it's still working really well for both work, studies, and gaming. Although in the future, I might just try a custom built PC, since I know that might be cheaper and worth the price as long as I know what I'm doing, so currently I'm still studying a lot about PC specs and how they matter individually.

I have to say it's Dell and ASUS. Owner of an ASUS notebook myself if find they are reliable and up for any kind of work. While mine is indeed facing some performance issues i've had it for years now and the kind of work and gaming i have done with it justifies the loss of performance. Still, it is working nice regardless.

I am using HP, it has worked well for me. Been using this laptop for about 5 years now, though it has some problems that can be ignored actually because the performance is satisfactory.

I have a Toshiba Satelite laptop and it works perfectly so far. I got it from my sister (actually earned it by painting her room in purple), she used it before but I can't find anything that would bother me about it. The only thing I would say that could be better is its weight - it is a little heavy if I need to carry it somewhere. I've recently bought a tablet so I don't take laptop out anymore. Before Toshiba, I had lenovo notebook, and it was very slow, sometimes it just turned off by itself (it's very frustrating when you lose your data) and I gave it to my dad - he only uses it to check match scores online.

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