What is your favorite drink to stay awake?
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Staying awake for a longer time is something necessary for everyone at some point in life. It's no use escaping, because someday that day will come for all. The reasons for staying awake vary from person to person, but certainly they are as diverse as possible (for example: don't miss a flight or finish some unfinished task with a deadline close to the end).

So, what's your favorite drink when you need to stay awake for a few more hours? My choice is coffee and this is super easy for me because I've been addicted to coffee for many years. It's one my favorite drinks in the whole world.  Big Grin
Big Grin 
Definitively coffee. I drink two cups every morning just to become alive again - I am sleep loving person so I really need something to shake me up in the morning. When it comes to tasks and deadlines I like to do things slowly but often I don't start on time  [Image: sad.png] so sometimes I have to work entire night and coffee is only drink that could keep me awake, so I used to make a liter of it and drink one cup every hour [Image: biggrin.png]
Most coffees don't work for me. Although there's one coffee here that acts almost like an energy drink, when I drink it normally I don't feel any different, but once I try to do a bit of workouts/warmups, my heart starts to palpitate and I just can't find the urge to sleep anymore. It's like having an unlimited amount of energy. I even remember drinking two bottles of it, doing a bit of a jog, got wild and did my whole workout routine THREE times, and I still didn't feel tired. It's probably bad for my health though.
Lovely question, I normally drink one glass cup of Holland milk with bournvita every morning, just to become normal person in the morning.
I am a coffee addict. I'd drink all day if I could. Around a year ago I'd drink 1 liter of coffee easily. Still, after I had some stomach problems I reduced coffee consumption and turned to other drinks as well. Guarana powder is very good too. Perhaps a mixture of both Wink

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