Work from the technical aspects of trading

. Work from the technical aspects of trading: opening position, communication speed, convenience of shortcuts in MetaTrader, etc. Trading should be comfortable, then you can focus mainly on it, instead of looking for 5 minutes on a single button.
. Try not to use borrowed money in the store. الربح من الفوركس
It is a responsibility and a psychological discomfort. If you do not see another option and are confident in their strategy - trade carefully and in small quantities. The deposit can always be increased.
. Develop self-confidence, but not arrogance.
. Don’t be put off by something if something went wrong. You learn. Just make the right conclusions, and try not to repeat mistakes.
. Learn concentration. Just by focusing, you can see the whole picture. There is no need to look too seriously and constantly on the screen. Just remember to aim for you, but don't overestimate your abilities.
. Don’t listen to all the experts and “gurus”. The media and analysts know that officials often give them the correct interpretation of the Syrian masses. You such an opinion will only hurt.
. Don’t be afraid of their fear. Fear when opening a business is natural. افضل شركات forex
Trading - is always a risk. Overcame and accepted.
As we can see, according to the rules of Forex is simple and easy to implement. To get it you need to work on yourself and constantly learn. To develop skills, it will be easy to follow the recommendations. First, just re-read each item and try to implement.

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