Your favorite sport
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I know that every country is different and cherish different sports as their national sport.
I cannot decide what is my favorite sport but my top three are football (soccer), basketball and tennis.

I used to train basketball, but I am too short  [Image: biggrin.png], played football with boys in my street and played tennis several times, for fun. I used to play chess for years, but due to school I didn't have time to go on tournaments so now I play it only if someone od my friends challenges me.

What is your favorite sport? Do you train something or do sports just for recreation?

Cricket all the way, my favorite sport to watch and play.

I really like to play (and watch) sports, so... Choosing just one as my favorite seems to me unfair with all the other sports that I also like.  Rolleyes But I can say some of the sports that are on my list of favorites are: swimming, walking, volleyball, running and basketball.  Cool

I'm a rather tall girl so I was appreciated in the Volleyball highschool team quite a lot! Even so, I completely failed to keep up with it after graduating, so by now it's nothing more than a fond memory. Actually, the only sport I'm practicing is swimming, and I do it more casually than otherwise, I have no big aspirations for it, that's for sure!

However, when it comes to watching I stick to football, basketball and baseball. I am a very passionate football fan, while I'm more on the casual side when it comes to the latter two!

I love watching cricket and hockey with my family. I used to play football with my brother all the time. My father is a hockey enthusiast so he made us play a lot of hockey as kids. I still enjoy watching football and hockey every now and then. Currently, I don't play sports much but me and my father play table tennis and badminton on weekends.

MY favorite is cricket

American football and futbol. I love to watch and play both of them. The strategy, the physicality, the enjoyment... love them.

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