cs504 assignment 1 help needed
Anyone can help me out in solving these two questions;

Suppose you are working as Requirement Engineer in a renowned software house ABC. You have
been given a task to model requirements for a mobile app project for a XYZ bank.
Scenario: Mobile app provides banking services to customers. System administrator is responsible
for maintaining the app by adding new modules or repairing the existing. Customer has to login in
order to use the services after registration. He can check account details; make payments, transfer
funds and other services like change password and T-PIN, view transaction activity and give
feedback. After seeing the account details, he can also view account statement and download it.
Customer can pay educational fee, utility bills and mobile top-up through app. Customer can
perform funds transfer activities like own-bank transfer, inter-bank transfer, inter-branch transfer
and adding beneficiaries.
You are required to do the following tasks:
Question No 1:
1. Develop a Use case diagram for the system discussed above. (15 Marks)
Question No 2 :
2. Elaborate the following Use cases by alternative way of documenting Use cases (in terms of
User Action and System Reaction): ( 5 Marks)
a) Interbank Funds Transfer
To get the example of this CS504 assignment 1, take a look at the Software Engineering 1 - Lecture 6 handouts starting from page 36.

Basically in Use Case Diagrams, you have to get the actors from the given scenario, an actor can be a person, a thing or even a system that is actually performing some sort of action, for example in given assignment scenario, the actors could be System Administrator and Customer.
And then you have to mention all the processes these actors are performing, for example System Admin is adding new module or repairing existing modules in the mentioned scenario, also Customer can transfer fund, make payments or download his account statement, these are all processes that you have to draw and link to the actors.

For question two, take a look at 3.11 Alternative Ways of Documenting the Use Case at page 40 of lecture 6 from Software Engineering CS504 handouts. You just have to make a two column table, and write the action user is performing in this use case and how would the system respond to the user's action.

Hope this helps.
(05-06-2017, 08:07 PM)Syed Muhammad Taha Wrote: great

Glad I could help. 
Good luck!

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