cs507 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2018

Assignment 1 Solution
Semester: Fall 2018

Question No 1.
What kind of information systems can help organizations in their day to day operations? You have to identify two major groups of such systems and clearly differentiate between them, and describe whether one type of support system is dependent on other or vice versa.
Ans; Transaction Processing System is a small business processes transactions that result from day-to-day business operations, such as the creation of paychecks and purchase orders, using a transaction processing system.
TPS and MIS are used to support system 
The Difference between TPS and Mis is that TPS becomes a major source of data for MIS
The values of attributes in an information system may not necessarily be exact rather such attributes require a system that allows the use of non-exact or comparative values. Your task is to identify a mathematics branch that information systems can use in such cases. You also need to provide three attributes that may have non-exact values
Ans; Information systems use Discrete mathematics
Stored, Coded and Derived Attributes are used as non-exact values.
A financial organization requires transactions among its customers be scrutinized before they are committed. However, the cost of setting up of a regular scrutiny process incurs a lot of operational man-hours cost and delayed transaction processing. According to your knowledge from information systems, what solution do you feel that can potentially fulfill the requirements of faster transaction processing and minimal operational cost? Your answer should include a high-level composition of the proposed solution.
Transaction Processing System can potentially fulfill the requirements of faster transaction processing and minimal operational cost because this provides high speed and accurate processing of record keeping of basic operational processes. 
The CEO of a large multinational enterprise is facing some issues with customer’s communications. However, managing a large number of products and customers seems to be an infeasible solution especially end-user management. As an information system specialist how you can easily manage end users, clients, agents, contact them efficiently and effectively. You should justify your answer with suitable points
Ans; Marketing Information System use to manage end user, clients, and agents and contact them efficiently and effectively. Because it identified of the customer for firm’s products and services and development of those products and services to meet customer’s need

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