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п»їDo fixed matches really exist?
Sports betting is arguably the most lucrative business venture in Kenya now. The betting craze has taken over Kenyans like a storm, it is like everyone from school going kids, mama mboga, matatu touts to civil employees and even employers is betting.Р’.
Perhaps that is the reason why we have betting firms sprouting up almost every day.Р’.
The problem with Kenyans is that we are so gullible, and it is easy for a clever person to take advantage of that. Most of the people betting are losing huge junks of money.Р’.
The big loses have been a window of opportunity for a certain group of Kenyans. These guys have decided to come up with something called ‘fixed matches.’В.
Match fixing is when the outcome of a match has been manipulated for gambling reasons. They will tell you that they have a certain number of odds letРІР‚в„ўs say 20 and are selling it for between Sh3000 to Sh5000 or even ten Sh10,000.
These guys are very clever, they will show you screenshots of their previous winnings which are usually high enough to increase your heartbeat.
Some Kenyan fixed match sellers are so creative that they have fake profiles on Facebook, they adopt names of Albanians, Turks and other countries notorious for match fixing. This way, they can lure ignorant Kenyans into buying their matches.
But do fixed matches really exist? The answer will be yes or no depending on the person you ask. Most Kenyans who buy these fixed matches have ended up losing a lot of money to these online cons who purport to sale fixed matches.Р’.
Unknown to the victims, the person who sales these matches could be your next-door neighbor masquerading as an Albanian.
There are a few people who will claim to have won some money after purchasing the odds. I canРІР‚в„ўt disagree on that, in fact it is possible because I also won a bet I had been given by someone.
But that is not necessarily a fixed match, these cons are so good. They will give different outcomes to different people. Then they will tell you not to show your ticket to anyone.Р’.
This way, some of their clients will win while most will lose. They will go back to the clients who won and do the same again. The winning clients would advertise this ‘source’ to their friends who will come to buy the next odds at a slightly higher price than the previous odds, again there will be losers and a few winners.В.
This is the reason why you will never hear of a person who has won twice from the same source.
Online fixed match peddlers have mastered the art of scamming people, they will delete their accounts and create new ones once their conniving ways are exposed.Р’.
There is also a possibility of one person operating many Facebook accounts. This way, he will comment on the credibility of the ‘main source’ claiming to have won a lot from the previous ticket.
Back to our question, do fixed matches really exist? There is no question that matches get fixed. FIFA has been trying for a long time to crack the whip on this worldwide problem but there are no signs of it ending anytime soon. But these matches are not found on Facebook or any other social media platform.Р’.
And if they were, they would be unaffordable to the average Kenyan gambler.
So next time if someone tells you, they have fixed odds, run for your dear life brother.
Thank you for reading my article! You have contributed to my success as a writer. The articles you choose to read on Hivisasa help shape the content we offer. -CHARLES CHEPSIKOR.

What Are Fixed Matches And The Real Truth About Fixed Matches!
What is a fixed match(official): In organized sports, match fixing occurs as a match is played to a completely or partially Predetermined result, violating the rules of the game and often the law. Match-fixing , when motivated by gambling, requires contacts (and normally money transfers) between gamblers, players, team officials, and/or referees.
Match – fixing is the process of intentionally losing a game, through players performing poorly on purpose or corrupt officials. As sports betting has become more detailed and exotic, spot- fixing has risen. Unlike match – fixing , this involves fixing small aspects of games, often inconsequential to the end result.
What do the experts say about fixed matches?
Whether it’s fixed by both teams, a referee taking a bribe favoring one side over another or even by a single player in one team the ending result is known by the fixers.
The tipsters that provide such matches can be divided into two groups – scammers that will give fake stats, give false promises for sure wins and get rich quick schemes and those that put in the hours of hard work to provide a real service.
The Real Truth About Fixed Matches Is There Are Extremely Hard To Secure And Find!
When it comes to paying for information, it is always a tricky situation and even more so in the betting world. And so called tipsters are sending free fixed matches sometimes.
So someone offered you free fixed matches with no payment? You Gotta Trust them don’t you?
But if you believe us, we guarantee you that they are all scammers.
We will give you in-depth details about how actual match fixing works. If you don’t want to read further, then here is the entire post summary in a single line – Free Fixed Matches Predictions Are All Scam ! This Is The Real Truth About Fixed Matches! (For Free)
Now to the conclusion of the topic: The Real Truth About Fixed Matches!
The real truth about fixed matches is that: Yes, there are legit fixed matches, no doubt about that! But, finding one online is a road full of failure because if they were easy to find the odds would drop and there would be no profit in them, not to mention that the authorities would find out.
You should be careful who you trust, fixed matches are very expensive and tipsters giving fixed matches for a ridiculous amount like 50$-100$ is most likely nothing more than a prediction!
We keep them to ourselves to maximize profits without gaining publicity or doubt. We only trust our fixed matches to real investors and veterans of top100soccersites.

Can You Buy Fixed Soccer Match Results On The Dark Net?
The internet's favorite haven for illegal activity advertises that the fix is yours for the right price.
Frank, who is not really named Frank,В doesn’t bother with pleasantries. He’ll throw out a “warm regards” in closing here and there, but otherwise he’s all business. He answers some of my questions. He selectively ignores others. The answers he does send arrive at all times of day and night.
FrankВ and I communicatedВ over an anonymous messaging service called Appaloosa Chat for about two weeks. В I had no idea where Frank is physically located or what his real name is. But FrankВ knowsВ I’m aВ journalist, and I know he’s selling fixed soccer match results online, on the dark net. Or so he says.
Frank runs a site calledВ Fixed American League Matches. Of all the sitesВ claiming to provide fixed match scores, Frank’s is one of the more visually sophisticated,В bearing a mild resemblance to a tech startup’s website. Comparatively , some of the other purported match-fixing sites have all the graphic flair of an 8-bit video game.
Experts on match fixing and the dark net kept telling me Frank’s site and those like itВ are scams. But after two weeks of grilling Frank on his operation, which sounded more real each time we talked, he finally agreed to give me proof his service was legit: He would give me the correct score for a soccer match that had yet to be played.
FrankВ disappeared forВ a day after he offered up his services. I thought he’d skipped out, but on June 15 he sent the following message: “Audax Rio EC U20 v Olaria RJ U20.В Started 10 minutes ago because delayed. Will end exactly 0-7. Odds are over 40.”
Audax Rio EC and Olaria RJ are under-20 Brazilian soccer teams. The message, according to Appaloosa Chat, was sentВ 26 minutes afterВ the match’s scheduled start, at which point Olaria RJ had only scored a couple of goals. Olaria RJ won the game in extra time. The score was 7-0. Frank was right.
Accurately predicting a 7-0 soccer score is statistically improbable, much like predicting a 50-0 football score. Was this enough to prove that fixed match results were indeed for sale? Perhaps, but seeing shouldn’t always warrant believing on the anonymous web, where aВ veil of secrecyВ works in conjunction with technical know-how, giving scammers an advantage over people who go to the dark netВ thinking that you can buy anything on the black marketВ with a Tor browser.
There’s no question that professionalВ soccer matches get fixed. In 2014, a joint initiative between FIFA and the International Criminal Police Organization concluded that over a three-year period as many as 80 countries reported allegations of match fixingВ across various levels of play, notingВ that it’s a worldwide problem that shows “no signs of abating.”В Brian Tuohy, author of the sports corruption bookВ “The Fix Is In,” believes estimates from that investigation likely understate how widespread match fixing truly is because the vested parties—sports leagues, player unions, gambling companies, and their monitoring companies—have no incentive to publicize incidents when they occur.
And it’s not just soccer. Almost every major sports league around the worldВ has had aВ brush withВ the mob and fixed matches. Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy was famously busted for manipulating scores В on behalf of the Gambino crime family; he believesВ the mob will always have a hand in sports. That famous photo of Muhammad Ali towering over a fallen Sonny Liston? Some, including the FBI, believed thatВ Liston was told to take a diveВ on behalf ofВ the various Northeast mafia figures he worked for over the course of his life.
But whether or not Frank is running a legitimate illegitimate business is another matter. It’s possible, says Tuohy, but В it’s highly unlikely someone who is in on the fix would sell the results on the dark net, for a number of reasons. Bringing more peopleВ into the operation by selling the fixed resultsВ increases the risk of getting busted.В Moreover, fixers stand to make a lot more money betting on the matches themselves than sellingВ scores on the side, andВ selling scores to multiple buyers means that more people would place bets on the winning score. Bookmakers would thus lower the odds and, in turn, the final payoff would be reduced.
“That’s like a guy doing insider trading on Wall Street, doing it for millions of dollars and then saying ‘I’ll sell this on the internet for an extra 10 grand,'” Touhy said. “If you’re going to sell it, I’d assume hopefully you’re making more selling the result than you would be betting on its outcome and the odds associated.”
Frank, however, does indeedВ sellВ match results in addition to betting on them. His rationale is simple: “Money rules this world and in our minds the more the better. Precautions are necessary but the risk is not so high compared to the profit.”
“It’s not like in a James Bond film where we go with bags of money in crowded places to get the information; it’s everything way more relaxed [sic],” he explained.
The price ofВ fixed soccer match results В tends to hover around 0.3 BTC, which is about $200, depending on Bitcoin’s volatile exchange rate on any given day. In any given week, Frank has three matches for sale, usually from lower level South American and European leagues, thoughВ business is a little slow right now because of the recent Copa America and Euro Cup tournaments, both of which are too high-profile for Frank’s purposes. Moreover,В these major gamesВ draw most of the soccer betting В action, he said. Gamblers aren’t setting their sights on low-level soccer leagues, even if the matches are fixed, when they can bet on the big games.
Frank’sВ associates run a store in an unknown location to launder the money he brings in . Frank asks that clients either pay him directly or use a dark net escrow service—these third-party middlemen of the dark net often facilitate transactions, legitimate or otherwise, by holding a customer’s money until the business delivers the goods.
“When clients hear this, most of them quit, but some are still interested and they are the clients we want,” he said. “People ready to risk, people that say ‘Fuck it, let’s try,’ because it’s exactly what we did when we started all this.”
If Frank is running a scam, it’s a potentially lucrative one. Internet privacy is a hot topic thanks to revelations about widespreadВ NSA surveillance, and the anonymous webВ has become increasingly mainstream as a result. But many of Tor’s new users don’t have a reference point for what’s real and what isn’t when they get on, other than the sometimes hysterical and often inaccurate media reports on some of the platform’s more luridВ content. In short, the dark net is seeing a rush of gullible new users.
“You can trust a number of cybercrime services out there,” said Chris Monteiro, an independent researcher who’s debunked some of the anonymous web’sВ biggest scams, including the Besa Mafia “hitmen-for-hire” scam. According to Monteiro, drugs, fraud, and technical services are indeed sold over the dark net, but if you’re trying to purchaseВ illegal services, “your chances for bullshit are enormous.”
The bullshit factorВ doesn’t keep people from advertising that they haveВ fixed scoresВ for sale on the anonymous web.В At least four .onion URLs claim that you can buy your way intoВ the fix; it’s hard to be certain how many match fixing sites are out there В because users seeking them out are dependent on link indexes such as Hidden Wiki—an anonymous version of Wikipedia—that aren’t comprehensive and anonymous web search engines that can’t match Google’s reach.
If Frank’s service is a scam, it wouldn’t even be close to the most elaborate—the web is a treasure trove ofВ illegal schemes that go far beyond match-fixing. В The bogus hitmen-for-hire service Besa Mafia unleashed a relentless marketing campaign that included flooding message boards with fake customer reviewsВ andВ payingВ people to deleteВ negative comments. They evenВ produced videos meantВ to intimidate critics like Monteiro, who says his efforts exposingВ the Besa scam made him a threatВ to the operation, which, he says, has netted upwards of ВЈ50,000.
“ Reputation is everything,” Monteiro said of dark net scams. “You can buy reputation by the media or you can buy reputation just by SEO, shilling, et cetera. ReputationВ is worth so much to a scammer. The minute they’re debunked, the whole [operation]В is gone.”
But what about the 7-0В score Frank gave meВ over Appaloosa Chat? His messageВ was timestamped shortly after the match began; doesn’t that demonstrate thatВ he has the goods?
“ I wouldn’t say it’s impossible the scammer is affiliated with this chat service,” Monteiro said,В pointing out that the timestamp could have been altered.В “[Appaloosa Chat] В isВ not very well established as far as I’m aware. It’s not beyond the realm of belief that the scammer is linked with the person who runs this website and he can call in favors for timestamp manipulation.”В.
And even if Frank’s match fixes are real, darkВ net scams can still be scams even if the seller actually has what they claim to sell, making it risky to buy anything over the anonymous web, even on proven and trusted markets such as AlphaBay.В After the original Silk Road was shut down by the FBI in 2013, a site called The Sheep Market temporarily filled theВ void before its administrators deleted the site and ran offВ with an estimated $40 million in Bitcoin deposits made by its users.
“ It’s within the realm of possibility that you’ve found the guy who’s doing what he says,” Monteiro said of Frank.В “But there has to be so much skepticism to this because you can’t trust the platform and you can’t trust the guy.В I’d be so skeptical of this.”

Match fixing explained & how to detect a fixed match?
Match fixing has been around since the beginning of sports, but it’s not nearly as common or easy to spot as it might have been in the past. Fixed matches are contests where the parties in the game are playing to a predetermined result or final score. Available at multiple bookmakers.
There are several reasons why matches might be fixed, but almost all of them tie back to sports betting. If you take a quick look at the history of sports, you will find some very famous and very controversial match-fixing scandals. Most notably the 1919 World Series. Most of the fixed matches today deal with soccer, or futbol as it is referred to in most countries around the world.
Match fixing is very illegal.
Fixed matches are very illegal, and they also violate the rules of the sport and of the competition itself. Sports have become one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world, and fixed matches sometimes play a role in keeping fans interested. Sometimes referees or officials play a large role in match fixing as they have the ability to make certain calls to affect the outcome of a certain game.
Match fixing is a very dangerous and risky business to be a part of, because there could be some pretty harsh consequences if you get caught being a part of the fix. Regardless of the consequences, it is a fact that there are still matches being fixed, and bookmakers are still offering these opportunities. The sports betting world is constantly monitoring matches and games to look out for suspicious activity. However, there is no doubt that it still goes on in other parts of the world. Fixed matches might seem like a pretty straightforward concept. But, there are some certain things you should know about before trying to get involved in the scheme.
What are the reasons behind match fixing?
There are several reasons that fixed matches are being made, but the biggest reason is for gambling purposes or monetary gain by the parties involved. Bookmakers love to make money, and knowing the outcome of a certain match can increase the odds that they are going to win the bet. It’s usually hard for people in the gambling industry to get an entire team or franchise to play along with their scheme. Most of the time, certain players or coaches will be contacted.
Individual parties might be offered some sort of reward for helping to fix a match. They can be heavily influenced by powerful players in the sports gambling world. Most of the time, fixed matches deal with the sport of soccer as it seems to be one of the easiest sports to manipulate.
There are other reasons that matches might be fixed, and other sports can be affected just the same. In the United States, the term “tanking” has been used to describe professional franchises that are losing games in order to improve their draft pick opportunity. While “tanking” isn’t as severe as what is going on in the soccer world, it could easily be described as match fixing. Usually, this type of scenario is not necessarily tied to the sports betting world. However, bettors can take advantage of teams who would benefit from losing games.
How to detect matched fixing?
If you are someone that bets on soccer matches, then you will want to be sure that the match isn’t fixed before placing a bet. There are professional organizations that are always on the lookout for fixed matches. It would be wise to check their findings and results before placing a bet. One of the easiest ways to detect if a soccer match is fixed is to look at when the goals are being scored.
There are several tools which you can use to detect matchfixing. Statisticsports is one example of these online tools which is used by many people. They allow you to scan a lot of matches at the same time with specific parameters you have set. Once a match ticks all of the parameters you have given in, you will receive a notification. If you have the right configuration, it is possible to find fixed matches online. If you use the two links given here, you will receive a 5% discount on their system. Statisticsports also gives you a free trial period to test out their system.
How to find free fixed matches.
Finding a free fixed match might seem like a difficult task, but it’s actually easier than you think. A quick search on the internet will guide you in the direction of websites and sportsbooks that claim to offer free fixed matches. None of them will guarantee with 100 percent that they are providing you with a free fixed match. Most will claim that they are accurate up to 90 percent of the time.
This might seem like a great way to make some quick money through sports betting, but you should be careful before placing large bets. If you aren’t in on the actual fix itself then there is always a chance that you could be receiving false information. Remember that everyone is out to make money in the sports betting world, and there is no such thing as a sure thing.
Value betting is more profitable.
Getting involved in match fixing might seem like a great way to make quick money, but value betting is more profitable and will be better for you in the long run. Value betting involves doing some research and finding teams that have great value in their odds. This might seem to be a lot harder than getting involved in match fixing, but it is actually a much safer option.
One of the best ways to get started into value betting is to subscribe to a tipster or a website that offers up some of the top plays of the day. Also you have to sign up to a bookmaker to be able to play the matches. Most of the time, value Value betting is more profitable in the long run than getting involved in fixed matches, and it is the right way to go. We at Transparent Bets take betting very seriously. We have taken it to another level with our experience, inside information and mathematical knowledge. Now we want to help you to earn some decent money and finally beat the bookmakers as well.

Do fixed matches exist?
Every time we share information about Venas News tips, customers ask, “do you have fixed matches? “When we say, “NO” they get disappointed. What worries me most is that they are quick to believe scammers who claim to have access to fixed matches on daily basis. The scammers actually sell the games at exorbitant prices, leaving the buyers disappointed.
Recently we posted an article of countries where fixed matches are likely to happen and the article had factual details of incidences of fixed matches. The article was intended to provide sensitive information about previous incidences of fixed matches, which were absolutely rare.
We have been in the betting industry and we can detect fixed matches days before they happen. But what I can confirm is that nowadays rules are strict and any official found engaging in this vice is usually arrested and imprisoned. Over time incidences of fixed matches have diminished and are approaching zero.
In common circumstances, fixed matches never happen daily—they are there, of course,but they do happen like once in a month. Occasions where fixed matches occur is during friendly matches, in competition where one team needs to win or draw one game so as to advance to the next stage or in major leagues where a particular team intends to avoid relegation or needs a point to be promoted to a higher division.
What shocks as I that scammers are all over the internet claiming to be selling fixed matches on daily basis. Let me warn you in advance, if you find someone claiming that they have fixed matches on daily basis, don’t even bother to advance in your discussion, end the conversation.
It’s a fact that the niggas who are selling fixed matches live in slums and have zero connection with officials who are arranging for the fixed games. So when that person approaches you with the intention of selling fake fixed matches,dismiss them.
Here at Venas News we sell analyzed games and our matches are 90%-100% sure.We don’t sell fixed matches because in the first instance they rarely exist. If you wish to receive the games, you pay Ksh 1000 per month to our MPESA till number 705909.
Payment procedure is as follows:
Go to MPESA Select Lipa Na MPESA Select Buy Goods and Services Enter Till Number (705909) Enter amount (Ksh 1000) Enter MPESA password and send.
The subscription will expire after one month, where you can renew if you’re satisfied with our work.

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