sta630 assignment 1 fall 2018 solution discussion

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gys plz discuss on the assignment and help to solve the assignment 1 of sta630

is there no body whom solved the assignment of sta630 .plz if any body had solved assignment then plz share solution idea cuz i have no interest in this subject and have no idea to solve the assignment .soo plz share solution if you have .

Here, I got this from another student. Hopefully this will give you an idea for the solution.

Answer 1
A moderator variable, commonly denoted as just M, is a third variable that affects the strength of the relationship between a dependent and independent variable in correlation, a moderator is a third variable that affects the correlation of two variables.
The two main variables in an experiment are the independent and dependent variables.
An independent variable is the variable that is changed or controlled in a scientific experiment to test the effects on the dependent variable.
A dependent variable is the variable being tested and measured in a scientific experiment.
Independent: equipment reliability and durability.
Price is dependent.
Delivering time is intervening variable.

Answer 2
H1: equipment reliability and durability leads to increase in price.
Null hypothesis: equipment reliability n durability does not lead to increase in price
Its applied research because CEO of hospital want to implement its result on his business. In order to find solution this research is used in education specially.

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