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UV Accelerated Weathering Test Chamber UV-260
LIB UV test chamber is equipped with 8 fluorescent UV lamps which can simulate the UV spectra of sunlight, exposes materials to UV light, rain, condensing and temperature at controlled. Model UV-260 is hot sale in different countries.
◆Fluorescent UV lamps (8) - 40  
◆Black Panel Temperature (BPT) at controlled, BPT 30~70℃
◆Temperature from Ambient to 90℃
◆Spraying water, automatic water supply
◆Water reservoir 50 Liter◆Can hold 48 pieces of specimen
◆Programmable color display touch screen controller
◆Safety protection system
◆Easy to mount samples on the holders
◆CE , CSA, RoHS compliance
UV Accelerated Weathering Test Chamber UV-260
Model UV-260
Internal dimensions (mm)450*1170*500
Overall dimensions (mm)680*1300*1500
Controllerprogrammable color display touch screen controller
Temperature range Ambient~90℃ ±2℃
Humidity range   ≥95%R.H ±2%R.H
Water spray Spraying water   
Black panel temperature BPT 30~70℃
Distance of specimen and lamp 50mm
Capacity of test specimens48 pieces Individual specimen size is 75mm * 150mm
Irradiation sourceFluorescent UV   lamps (8) - 40 W
UV wavelength   290 ~ 400nm
Nominal power5000W
Power Supply380V 50HZ
Option: Irradiance control (340 nm, 313 nm)
LIB Environmental is one of the professional and credible manufacturers of climatic and environmental testing chambers in China. Equipped with a professional factory, we can offer you uv accelerated weathering test chamber uv-260 which has been certified by CE, ASTM and IEC compliance. Now we have high quality uv accelerated weathering test chamber uv-260 for sale, welcome to buy our test chamber at low cost and check the price with our supplier.weatherometer manufacturers

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